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The glow of Beacon Hill at evening

By Jan J.B. Kuipers Published before in: Cyäegha nr 18, ‘De Lage Landen VII’, winter 2016, 2-3. A slightly different version in Dutch, 'Lovecraft in de voorhof', appeared in: Dromen vanuit R'lyeh;   Wonderwaan  41, 2017, 2-5. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath has been my favourite work of fiction for years and years (a Dutch translation was published as a separate standalone paperback in 1972). Why? This is always a difficult question to answer – countless factors are involved, of which coincidence may not be the least. Of the countless books I did not read how many would have driven my favourite from its place, had I but known them? Moreover, once you have decided that a certain book is your Number One, then you tend to hold off on other likely candidates – by means of a sort of self-censorship – until the brilliance of your champion eventually begins to fade. When I look back at Dream-Quest now, I can still perceive some of the elements that partially explain its